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Picked A Launch Date

For no reason other than I like the look and sound of it, I’ve picked the book launch date


And if for some reason I miss that one – I will at least bring it all in sometime in 11-11

A lot has progressed in the past couple month.

BOOK COVER is just getting its finishing touches.  I’ll be posting soon about that – working with the artist and pictures showing the progression. Very excited to share that. Little peek of a corner of the design is the featured picture of this blog.

EDITOR continues to push my boundaries to great results.  He had me add a flight scene of a plane ride from Prague to Brussels in 1930.  Also the scene at the top of the stairs at the Cotillion, before the girls are presented.  These were fun and invigorating writing challenges.  I continue to thank my luck stars he is on my team.

INTERIOR DESIGN has also begun.  That designer transformed my first chapter into the Goudy text and 6×9 layout and I just keep looking and looking at it.  I love how the type feels on my eyes. Hope my readers do too!

ENDING REWRITE: After many rounds of readers, I was finally convinced to rewrite the ending and that process is also going well. Very happy with the direction it is taking.  Feels good to be in the writing mix, rather than only the production mix – but all the balls in the air is a bit of a juggle. Looking forward to next winter when I’ll (hopefully) only be writing, again.

TEAM: As Amanda Hocking expressed: being your own publisher is a lot of work.  My team is expanding with a proof reader  who will review the final layout from the interior designer.

I have a ton of other details to generate, from ISBN to BIO to AUTHOR PICTURE to that interior page with all the publishing gobbly-de-gook (what goes on that page? must research).

So I best get back to it!  Thanks for checking in and hope your summer is going swimmingly.


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