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Just watched the movie: Secretariat (the horse) – a Disney debacle with Diane Lane.

Could go on about what they missed in the narrative – so many details about the horse – as was captured so beautifully and movingly in the movie Seabiscuit. And what a sorry job many good actors did – probably because of a poor script.

But instead of all that, I want to share my favorite line.

“Run Your Own Race.”

It was advice the father gave to the daughter about her own life as well as the horses they raised.

Secretariat was a horse that loved to run.  Only in the Belmont Race (the last of the triple crown) did his trainer take the risk of training him hard before the race – unsure if it would fire him up or burn him out.  It did the former, and Secretariat won that race, the longest of the three, by 30 lengths and at a speed no horse has since matched.  He ran his own race. Finally

It was curious to me that the trainer had never tested that theory out before the Belmont Race.

My husband said, most trainers train horses according to their own theory, not according to what the horse calls for.

A lot like our own lives, don’t you think?  We get trained to master what our teachers think is important.  And only to the limit to how they see us. If they don’t think we are a champion, maybe we miss it in ourselves.

A good part of the Secretariat story (but not really well done by Diane Lane) was the strength of the owner – who had to leave her family in Colorado and take some big risks and make some unconventional proposals – to get Secretariat to the racetrack. There is a scene she has with the horse the night before the Belmont when she realizes, she’d already won – by bringing him to this point.  Now it was all up to him.  To Run his own Race.  And he ran the hell out of it.

So I am reminded to keep going, run my own race, and run it as I want, regardless of what previous trainers may or may not have said/done.  There’s only one Secretariat and there’s only one me and we each have to run our own race.

You too, my friend. xo Laura


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