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Hello world!

Hello, Hello.

This begins the documentation of transforming my manuscript into a physical book.  I pledge to convey all aspects in this process – the good, bad, frustrating and ugly.  It’s called MAKING BOOK as a tip of the hat to a gambler winning a bet: you do your best to pick the right odds and put your money down.  Not terribly unlike the process of making a book.

I began this journey late last year (2010) but only really got going in January.  I’ll soon post the beginning process of finding a cover designer along with initial steps for interior design.

I will also be posting about how discouraging it is to review so much advice from many internet sources as to what one should be doing and how.  AND HOW is it discouraging.  But then I go to bed and wake up in the morning with renewed and continuing interest in completing this project. 

Any comment – advice – counsel – commiserating you have to share is most welcome.

Welcome to my attempt to MAKE BOOK. Please wish me luck.



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